There's no love lost between Mike Tyson and legendary boxing promoter Don King.

Both Tyson and King were on a panel this weekend at the Boxing Hall Of Fame Induction in Canastota, New York, when the 86-year old promoter attempted to pat Tyson's shoulder in a friendly matter. Iron Mike didn't take kindly to the gesture and reached for his glass of water to throw on King as he walked across the stage. There wasn't much in the glass at the time, but Tyson's message was clear.

After the incident, Tyson spoke with Fight Hype about what went down and said he was "immature" in that moment and shouldn't have thrown anything on King. He also explained that King trying to act friendly was "just bullcrap."

"He talked in there like he was my friend and that was just bullcrap," Tyson said.

"He really did me in." 

Tyson and King have been at odds for a long time now. The former boxing champ once sue King for $100 million, alleging King conned him out of a ton of money when he used to promote Tyson's fights.

Check out the footage, as well as Tyson's explanation in the videos embedded below.