NFL fans are in pure bliss right now as yesterday, it was the first Sunday of the season. For decades now, the NFL has dominated Sundays to a point where it's even more popular than church. This will certainly be the case for the next six months as all 32 teams battle it out to see who will win the Super Bowl. While watching football should be bringing people together, it can actually lead to a ton of fights and some pretty brutal antics.

Yesterday, Philadelphia 76ers player Mike Scott experienced this first hand as he went to an Eagles game while wearing a Washington Redskins jersey. Videos started to emerge depicting Scott in an altercation with some crazed Eagles supporters. In a new video which was obtained by TMZ, Scott can be seen laying down some hefty punches upon the head of a fan who tried to fight him.

There doesn't seem to be any indication as to why this fight went down exactly, although it's clear Scott won the battle. As someone who plays in Philly, he knows good and well that those fans can get pretty crazy so it's surprising he would wear his Redskins jersey, to begin with.

Hopefull those Eagles fans learned their lesson. Squaring up with a 6'8" basketball player isn't exactly the best idea.