Regardless of what your record is going into the NBA playoffs, all that matters is what team has the hot hand. Usually, a team can ride momentum into the playoffs and sometimes take it all the way to the championship. The Houston Rockets look as though they're the team that could get that done. They have won nine games in a row and have jumped from fifth to third in the Western Conference with a record of 42-25, just 3.5 games back of the first place Golden State Warriors. Speaking of the Warriors, they have dropped six of their last 10, including an embarrassing 115-111 loss to the Phoenix Suns. 

The Warriors and Rockets are set to face off on Wednesday in what should be a phenomenal matchup. Rockets head coach Mike D'Antoni was asked about comments made by Warriors star Steph Curry who said Wednesday's game was a good time to "send a statement." Let's just say D'Antoni was in a playful mood.

"Yeah, well, they should have probably said it before the game," D'Antoni said jokingly according to ESPN. "I'm sure they are. Why wouldn't they? I'd be surprised if they didn't feel that way. They were going to make a statement. They were going to come out, they were going to play. They probably stated the obvious. If they didn't say anything, I'm sure they're thinking it. You know how today is. Everybody's got something to say. I've got something to say."

The game will go down on March 13th in Houston at 9:30 P.M. EST.