Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child probably has some of the most insane Beyonce and Jay-Z stories tucked away in the back of her mind. She dropped one of those stories while on the latest episode of Chad Loves Michelle. It's Williams' fiancé Chad Johnson's story for the most part, but the former R&B starlet gives him an intro. “Show ’em your Crip Walk,” Michelle jokes. "Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Pastor Chad Johnson." 

Johnson then dives into a story that begins with him pastoring in the inner city. He saw some kids Crip Walking, and he thought he could relate and gain their trust by learning the dance move. "Okay, I got a little rhythm, I can use this to relate, right. So I learned how to Crip Walk," he admits. From there, he jumps forward in time to a private birthday party for Beyonce. "This is my first time meeting these folks,” Chad states. “Everybody’s dancing and having a good time. They were playing West Coast music, and people started clowning around and trying to Crip Walk. I start Crip walking man. Jay-Z walks over and tells you what?,” Chad asks Michelle. 

“I didn’t know you were married to a gangbanger,” Michelle replies before forcing him to break out the dance move on the spot.