Michelle Williams has been quite open about her struggles with mental health issues. The Destiny's Child member is ready to share a deeper view into her life with her upcoming reality television show Chad Loves Michelle.

The series, which will air on Oprah Winfrey's OWN network, will show William's journey towards the betterment of her mental health with the support of her fiancé Chad Johnson.

The network describes the show as the story of the couple's strengthening their bond as they head towards the altar. 

"Having been together for a year and never in the same city for more than seven days, the newly engaged couple is turning to intensive pre-marital counseling to help prepare them for life together as husband and wife. "

The soon to be newly-weds are relocating to California in efforts to work on their relationship while they also address their individual struggles. They will not be sharing the same bedroom, however. Williams and Johnson are adamant about upholding their relationship to standards set by their religious values. They have chosen to refrain from sexual intimacy before the big day.

The series will tackle "real issues" including Michelle Williams' grapple with depression and demonstrate the couple's betterment through counseling.