Michael Rapaport was doing the media rounds yesterday, which included an appearance on The Breakfast Club, in promotion of his new book, "This Book Has Balls: Sports Rants from the MVP of Talking Trash." 

During his chat with C Tha God, DJ Envy and Angela Yee, Rapaport opened up about his beef with LeBron James, which goes well beyond the fact that LeBron routinely beats up on Rap's beloved New York Knicks.

According to Rapaport, he doesn't fuck with LeBron because the 4x NBA MVP once dissed his kids, "Like he gave them the fucking Heisman and turned his back to them.”

Rapaport says,

“As far as athletes, because I have such respect for athletes…I’ve never asked athlete that I’ve met for tickets, for sneakers. Dr. J and Magic Johnson, I’ve asked for a picture. As far as athletes, I just want to enjoy them,” Rapaport said during his discussion with The Breakfast Club.

“The thing that happened with LeBron…out of all the athletes and celebrities I’ve ever met, my kids have met everybody…when they ran into LeBron, he dissed my kids. Like he gave them the fucking Heisman and turned his back to them.”

“It has nothing to do with a 10 and an 8-year-old…they ain’t trying to get a selfie. Just give ’em a pound and a smile,” he said. “Don’t play me and my kids.”

"Out of all the athletes, out of all the celebrities, out of all the rappers I've ever met -- especially with my kids -- that was the only motherfucker that ever did that. And I was like, 'Hell fuckin' no.'"

Check out the video clip below.

In a later interview with Fox 5, Rapaport spoke about the first time he actually met LeBron, back when he was just a 19-year old kid.

"At 19 he came up to me. Yea, and then things went a little sour and ever since then, I've just stopped becoming a fan," Rapaport said. "Obviously, he's the best player in the league. He's one of the best ever. He's arguably, you know, Michael Jordan-ish. But in this book, I articulate 23, not 22, 23 reasons why Lebron James will never... never-ever be like Mike."

LeBron and the Cavs, 3-1, will be in Rapaport's hometown tonight to do battle with the 2-2 Brooklyn Nets.

Check out some more footage of Rapaport's press run below.