Over a decade after the passing of Michael Jackson, we are still hearing new stories about the legendary pop icon. According to Metro UK, Jackson would visit Macaulay Culkin on the set of Home Alone 2 frequently. His visits were never announced, and oftentimes Jackson would catch members of the movie's cast off guard. 

"The only celebrity that we had was Michael Jackson came and visited the set, but that was in the second one," Home Alone set decorator Daniel Clancy told the publication. "No one knew he was coming, this limo pulled up and Michael Jackson pulled out with a mask on. That was freaky. Macaulay Culkin got in the limo and they went to dinner, and they came back."

Devin Ratray, who played Buzz McCallister in the film, opened up about the time Culkin introduced him to Jackson. "He [Michael] came to the house on a Saturday morning of all times," he explained. "We were mad enough that we had to rehearse running outside of the house into vans at 7.30 on a Saturday morning in snowy, freezing Chicago, Illinois, and when we got there, Mac immediately peeled through the crowd of us getting out of one van. He grabbed me and said, 'Devin, I want you to meet somebody.' Of course, that person was Michael Jackson.

"He pulled me to one of the airport vans where we had to get in, the prop vans. Sitting in there out of the cold was Michael Jackson," Ratray continued. "And this was, again, 7.30 in the morning, in freezing Winnetka in February. You don’t wake up that morning and run into Michael Jackson."