Though Dreamville's "Costa Rica" found all participants bringing their A-game, Mez may very well have taken the crown. From the minute he slid through with an Arthur reference, you already knew the game was locked in. Yet Mez wasn't stopping there, queuing up a savage punchline connecting the oft-speculated triangle between Future, Larsa Pippen, and her ex-husband Scottie Pippen. "Not a n***a that you wanna argue with," he raps. "Cause then you fucking with your future like Larsa Pippen, shit."

Image via Artist

Of course, given the sensitive nature of the topic in reference, one might have thought Larsa Pippen would have flown off the handle. Yet it would appear she has taken the reference in stride. In fact, she genuinely seems to love it, if Mez' latest IG post is any indication. Sharing a screenshot of the DM exchange, the Heirs lyricist found himself fielding praise from Pippen, who has been enjoying "Costa Rica" by the poolside. 

Upon hearing his lyric singled out in Pippen's IG story, Mez made sure to show his appreciation for good sportsmanship. Pippen responded with a laugh, dubbing the punchline "genius," and simultaneously fuelling a wave of renewed speculation. Still, one has to respect Mez for walking into the Lioness' den, and emerging on the other side unscathed. The future is now.