Metta World Peace is one of the most interesting players in the NBA, and Ball Over All had a chance to sit down with the Knicks’ new forward. 

Not known strictly for balling, Metta is one of the best rappers in the NBA, and during the exclusive interview he talked about hip-hop and what it means to him.

Metta explains how he thinks that the genre of hip-hop has changed so much that he doesn't even consider it true hip-hop anymore, saying "hip-hop is educational." As he goes on, explains how hip hop used to tell listeners about who the rapper is-- but now it's more about who the rapper wants to be. He says, "I don't know who anybody is anymore." He adds, "I'm weird, so I'm not hip-hop. I'm very weird. But I love hip-hop." World Peace closes out the interview with a quick freestyle of his own.  

Watch the full interview clip below. What do you guys think about current hip hop? [via BOA]