Method Man & Redman Reunite On New Banger "Wild Cats"

Method Man -  Wild Cats Feat. Redman, Hanz On & StreetLife

  November 01, 2018 15:22
Wild Cats
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The original "How High" Harvard alumni have emerged from a smoke cloud, with Hanz On & StreetLife in tow.

Method Man and Redman remain, in many ways, the quintessential hip-hop duo. Though some will surely debate in favor of alternative camps, there is something uniquely wholesome about the union of Brick City and Shaolin. After all, it works on a variety of levels. The pair seem as likely to make an album together as they are to make a film together, as they are to share a blunt while playing video games together. A bromance for the ages, and one that has given us fans ample material, including the classic Blackout album. Now, Red and Meth have once again taken to the booth for another go-around, bringing out Hanz On & Streetlife for the occasion.

"Wild Cats" has arrived, heralding the upcoming release of Method Man's Staten Island-centric Meth Lab 2. Taking to a lively instrumental from Lords Of Brooklyn, the boys go to work in solidifying their presence. Method Man delivers a particularly standout verse, setting it off with his signature flow. "The fuzz against me, I'm butter slippery, they think I'm shifty," spits Meth, "0-60, this just a quickie, you blink you missed me."

Quotable Lyrics

The fuzz against me, I'm butter slippery, they think I'm shifty
0-60, this just a quickie, you blink you missed me
I'm just official, bout my bread and my cheddar crispy
My queen prissy I kill her dead if she ever quit me
These hoes only look good when tipsy, they said I'm picky

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