REFORM Alliance has been doing some major work to push for probation and parole reform in the United States. Now, they've launched their latest campaign Give Life Back which is meant to "inform, inspire, and activate" people to get involved with the fight for U.S. parole and probation reform. The new campaign was launched with a 90-second video highlighting the everyday activities that can get people thrown back in prison. Technically Illegal, the short film to accompany the campaign, was directed by Malik Hassan Sayeed.

Dominique Oliveto/Getty Images 

Meek Mill's push for criminal justice reform within the probation and parole system has already made some significant changes. Of course, Meek's highly publicized incarceration for popping a wheelie became a focal point of REFORM's launch. Give Life Back arrives on the third anniversary of Meek's release from prison where he was met with a chopper and flew out to the 76ers game.

"The probation system isn’t designed to rehabilitate, it’s intended to reincarcerate,” Meek said. “For our team at REFORM, it’s important to educate the public about these issues because no one should ever be sent back prison for non-violent, technical probation offenses like being late to a meeting with a probation officer or being unable to pay a fine.”

Watch Technically Illegal below.