They've been putting in long hours as they've worked diligently to help change the criminal justice system, and now those involved with REFORM Alliance are celebrating a monumental victory. It's reported that Meek Mill, Jay-Z, and Michael Rubin's brainchild has aided in a new California bill being signed into law with the help of Governor Gavin Newsom. TMZ reports that AB 1950 will make a smoother pathway for former Californians to leave their pasts behind them now that the probation system has been amended.

Under the new law, it's reported that "adult probation sentences to a maximum of 1 year for misdemeanor, and 2 years for felony offenses." The theory is that with shorter probationary periods, the less likely it is for someone to violate their probation. "This is exactly why we created REFORM -- to change laws and create a smarter criminal justice system focused on rehabilitation and redemption all while keeping communities safe," said Rubin. "We’re grateful for Governor Newsom and Assemblywoman Sydney Kamlager-Dove’s commitment to making such meaningful change in California and we hope it sets a necessary precedent for state leaders across the country."

On the REFORM Alliance Instagram page, the organization wrote, "MAJOR REFORM VICTORY! California enacts #AB1950. This bill will help put hundreds of thousands of Californians on probation in positions to succeed and exit the criminal justice system for good. Thank you @GavinNewsom!"