When it comes to Meek Mill's ongoing legal situation, it seems as if a new development occurs every day. Unfortunately, the whole ordeal has become rather confusing, and despite Meek's team's best efforts to thwart the judge and her decision, the rapper remains incarcerated. Today, however, Meek Mill's lawyer Jordan Siev stopped by the Angie Martinez Show to clear the air, and hopefully shed some light on what's really going on. For the laymen who has been following this saga, it's helpful to have somebody calmly breaking down the facts - at least, as they pertain to Meek's side of the story.

Jordan begins, stating "it's a terrible situation that Meek finds himself in jail going on three months now, having never missed a court date or committed a crime since he was nineteen years old. He's now thirty, and he's been in jail since November based on supposed technical violations." He proceeds to touch on judge Genece Brinkely's alleged bias, which has been widely reported. "We think that judge Brinkley has taken an unusual interest in his career, and has stepped over the line from acting solely as a judge should act, injecting herself into his professional career in ways that not appropriate."

He proceeds to share the transcripts, but not before giving a detailed account of the backstory surrounding Meek's previous management. In truth, it's a lot to take in, but this video certainly helps shed some light on the convoluted mess. At the 4:40 mark, Siev begins reading the transcipts from as far back as 2012; it appeared that judge Brinkley had a problem with Meek's transition from former manager Charlie Mack to his current management. Ultimately, Siev is concerned that Brinkley's staunch preference for Meek's old management has put a strain on her ability to be objective. 

For a more detailed breakdown, check out the full video below.