Fresh off the release of his huge mixtape, (which crashed the internet and was the most-downloaded ever in a 24-hour period) Meek Mill announces he signed to Roc Nation Management, in an interview with Jay-Z's blog Life+Times.

Read some excerpts from the interview below, and head here to read the full interview.

His mind-state in making Dreamchasers 2 as opposed to Dreamchasers:

"I was just trying to make it bigger than the original one, because the original one was big…it really making my name a nationwide name. It was my first mixtape as a signed artist, and it kind of like stamped me. This mixtape I just tried to go a little bit harder, pick some better beats and bring some more energy into it to make it bigger than the last one."

On what being a part of MMG means to him:

"It taught me a lot; it gave me a lot of help and plays a big part in my career right now. [Rick] Ross helped me take my career to another level. I always had a buzz in my city, but Ross helped me get noticed nationwide and then worldwide. Working with Wale, Rick RossStalley, and all of those guys just takes a little bit of weight off my shoulders."

On signing with Roc Nation Management:

"Yeah, that’s the new deal I put together. Me coming up in this rap game, I was always an underground artist coming up by myself and making all of the moves by myself. And my manager – he’s just like me, we’ve been coming up in the streets by ourselves. So we just decided to partner up with Roc Nation and take things to another level."