As Meek Mill continues to push his latest album Championships, he linked up with Apple Music to reveal his list of champions. The rapper's list includes Jay-Z, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and the most important, Allen Iverson who played for the Philadelphia 76ers. "I think [Allen Iverson] is the champion at basketball and at inspiring people like myself," he said. "I remember the first time I seen Allen Iverson in Philadelphia, he was in a Rolls Royce. I never seen, like, a Black, younger guy achieve success on that level.

Although Meek looks at Allen Iverson as a hero of sorts, the love is reciprocated. Following the release of CHAMPIONSHIPS, Iverson shared his praise for the album. "My life!!! Thank you Meek Mill for speaking up for me."

As Meek became the superstar that he is today, he and his childhood hero formed a brotherly bond. In a recent article on ThePlayersTribune, Iverson reflected his relationship with Meek and how the Philly rapper told him how he'd be thinking about AI was doing when things got rough.

"And Meek tells me how, when things got dark, and you can bet they did — one of the things that he might think on, to take his mind off whatever? One of the things might be, Man. I wonder what AI is up to right now?" He wrote, "And hearing that from Meek had a deep impact on me. Knowing that just, me, just by living MY own life…… maybe I had been inspiring these other kids growing up rough in these OTHER tough spots???"