Today, we received news that we've been waiting on getting over five months. Meek Mill is finally free. The news came shortly after Kevin Hart paid a visit to the rapper from behind bars along with Sixers owner, Michael Rubin. Rubin's been one of the most supportive people in Meek's corner since his incarceration and helped facilitate many of the high profile visits he got behind bars. It should come as no surprise that he'll be attending Game 5 of Philly vs. the Miami Heat. And of course, he had to get their in style.

Michael Rubin kept good on his promise to pick up Meek Mill from prison and pulled up in a chopper. According to TMZ, the helicopter actually belongs to Michael Rubin. The rapper got picked up about an hour before the tip off. The prison he was in is about 12 miles away from the arena.

Meek's release only makes today an even better one for Philadelphians. The Sixers are currently leading 3-1 against the Miami Heat and tonight's game could be their opportunity to close out the series.

Roc Nation also shared a statement on Meek's release earlier today.

"We are thrilled that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has directed Judge Brinkley to immediately issue an order releasing Meek on bail." It read, "Meek is excited to be reunited with his family, and we, along with Meek, intend to continue to shine the light on a justice system in need of reform to prevent any other citizen from being put through what Meek has endured."