Meek Mill "Dreams Worth More Than Money" Trailer

  July 07, 2014 14:31
Meek Mill previews "Dreams Worth More Than Money" with a trailer video.

After announcing a September 9th release date for his album Dreams Worth More Than Moneythis morning, Meek Mill has shared a two minute long trailer for the project on YouTube.

With the song "War With Heaven" by relatively obscure British singer Louis M^tters soundtracking the brief video, we see Meek Mill onstage, in his whip and in the studio. As of right now, there's no telling whether the use of M^tters' song is a hint that he'll be on the album, or just Meek giving a favorite artist a big look. We'll just have to wait 'til September 9th (or whenever a tracklist leaks) to find out.


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Meek Mill "Dreams Worth More Than Money" Trailer