Meek Mill would like to travel more in the upcoming year, and is thus asking a judge to loosen his travel restrictions which stem from a 2008 gun and drug charge.

An attorney for the Philly native filed the request on Wednesday asking a judge to lift any ban on travel in order to do concerts and other appearances. His attorney, Dennis Cogan, says the ban restricts the MMG rapper's earning power for no necessary reason, as his travel itinerary is strictly controlled. The Assistant District Attorney Noel DeSantis says she will oppose the request. DeSantis says Meek was already given a break, serving 11 months of the 23-month he was supposed to serve.

We'll have to see how this affects Meek's schedule, he was originally supposed to go to Africa for tour dates later this month, but at this time, his website lists no dates.


[Update: The judge has denied Meek Mill's request to lift travel restrictions.]

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Municipal Court Judge Genece Brinkle ruled against Meek Mill's request to have travel restrictions lifted so he could extend his tour.  The MMG artist will be limited to touring only within North America, and cannot travel to Africa as planned.