Although many would like to see a rap battle between Meek Mill and Cassidy, that's not necessarily what Meek wants to give you.

A misunderstanding had led people to believe that Meek had said he would battle Cassidy or Murda Mook for $100,000. Meek later clarified that he actually wanted to see Cassidy and Mook battle each other. However, it hasn't ended there, as now Cassidy and Meek have been exchanging shots concerning this potential battle via Twitter.

Meek asked on Twitter why people are pumping him up to battle Cassidy, when that's not what he said he wanted to do. 

"Why niggas Tryna pump Cassidy 2 battle I said I wanted him and Mook 2 battle...a battle I wanted 2 c..he gotta get poppin first 2 battle me!," he tweeted.

Cassidy then shot back saying he has "been popping for over a decade!"

Meek then calls out Cassidy, saying he doesn't represent Philly, and called his swag corny, "And ya swagg corny as shit u don't even represent Philly niggas right," he tweeted.

While Cassidy followed with saying it's time to get off Twitter and to actually rap, Meek reveals he does want to battle rap, but with an up-and-coming rapper. "Truthfully I wanted 2 battle the underground niggas 2 bring more light 2 they shit cause I love what they doing ....cass just thirsty!"

We'll have to see if an actual rap battle comes from this, or if it just turns into beef. What do you think?

[via DDotOmen]


Cassidy has decided it's beef time, and dropped a diss track towards Meek Mill, "The Diary Of A Hustla." Did he go in?