McDonald's Big Mac has become an American staple. Since the late 60s, McDonald's Big Mac has been their flagship products internationally, There's even a museum made in dedication to the sandwich. Needless to say, the Big Mac is arguably one of the most celebrated sandwiches in the world.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

This week is a big week for Big Mac enthusiasts. Starting September 30th, DoorDash and McDonald's have teamed up for a deal that will have every stoner rejoicing. DoorDash will be selling one million Big Macs for one-cent in celebration of their partnership with McDonald's. Here's the deal -- order a Big Mac on the DoorDash app, or on the website, with the code 1MBIGMAC and you'll get a Big Mac for a penny. Unfortunately, that doesn't include delivery fees so you'll probably end up paying the same amount for a Big Mac if you just went inside of the store.

There's more to the deal than just one-cent Big Macs, although that's already a pretty sweet deal. Anyone who manages to score one of these one-cent Big Macs will also be entered to win $1 million. 

The deal goes down from today (Sept. 30th) until Oct. 4th. If you're thinking about ordering 100 Big Macs on DoorDash, you should know that it is limited to one Big Mac per DoorDash account. Sorry, you guys.