Matt Barnes and DeMarcus Cousins were involved in a brawl at Avenue Nightclub in New York City last night, but Barnes is claiming he was the victim in all of this and did not choke out a woman as reports suggest

According to a rep for Barnes, he accidentally bumped into a woman who was partying at the VIP booth next to his and then found himself on the receiving end of a stiff slap to the face. The men partying with the woman also jumped in and that's when Barnes was reportedly knocked to the ground and choked until Cousins jumped in. 

The NYPD is reportedly looking to question Barnes, although his side of the story paints him as the victim who was only fighting out of self defense, and he's allegedly taking pictures of his injuries to prove his story. 

On the street after the brawl, Boogie can be heard talking about how he hit one the guys that was attacking Barnes.