A Maryland truck driver pleaded guilty to stealing over $19,000 worth of New Balances after a co-worker allegedly offered him $250 to pull of the heist. 

According to ABC2, in July of 2016 an employee at New Penn Motor Express noticed that an entire pallet of New Balance shoes was missing from a trailer not long after 29-year-old Cortney Lynn Slater had been seen near the shipment.

The employee reported the missing pallet of kicks to a shipping clerk who ordered Slater to return with his truck, which he did, but not before offloading the stolen sneakers behind a dumpster at a nearby mall.

Unfortunately for Slater, a security manager allegedly spotted him near the parking lot where he stashed the sneakers.

While being questioned Slater told authorities that a co-worker asked him to take the pallet in exchange for $250. He was charged with one count of theft between $10,000-$100,000 for stealing the shoes and will be sentenced on May 15th.