The transformation some people go through as they get older is wild. Some of us lose hair, or grow more. Others start crazy work out regimens while some put on a few pounds. It's all just the journey of life, and watch others go through this voyage is usually enjoyable. Mario Judah decided to share a bit of his journey with the world on social media recently. The singer (and possible wrestler) took to Instagram to show off pictures of a younger, thinner version of himself. 

“Say hi to skinny Judah,” wrote the artist as the caption for the post. The post has several pictures of Judah at a younger age, looking skinny. It is almost unrecognizable, although his face still bears the traditional resemblance. The comments on the post revealed just how shocked many of his fans were. Judah has spent most of the year blowing up, and receiving some love and support from big names

During an interview with OurGenerationMusic, Judah stated that his weight gain came from staying inside and making beats all day instead of being active.  “I sat down every single day and made beats,” Judah explained. “So because of that, as time went on, I started gaining weight because I wouldn’t go outside and get any exercise. So when people make jokes, I laugh at it because they don’t know why I got like this. I got this fat because I was making beats and working my ass off. I sacrificed my weight and talking to girls just for this music shit.”