Perhaps it would have been easier to make a list of every rapper that 50 and the crew haven't had any altercations with over the course of their 10 years in the game--it certainly would have required less writing.

The following list compiles the biggest beefs in the G-Universe and provides detailed explanations for how those conflicts arose. Note: not "every" beef, "biggest" beefs. Gunplay, for instance, is not included. His altercation with the Unit was simply a casualty of Ross's on-going war. DJ Khaled; Chamillionaire; Nas; Slim The Mobster; French Montana; these are all names that could have made the list but are acknowledged here as honorable mentions. What follows is stuff that legends are made of.

Included in each section are select songs that came about as a result of the feuds as well as relevant video footage. The Unit is at their best when they have a target; reflect and enjoy.