New Orleans has been influencing music for generations, and most recently has seen some major stars emerge with Cash Money and No Limit originating there.  A new documentary has been released which looks at Bounce Music, which is a hip hop sub-genre that originated in N.O., and melds call and response party music with Narleans Indian chants.  Mannie Fresh, a fixture in the N.O. music scene makes an appearance and describes the music. 

In the documentary the accomplished producer says, "Most people who come to New Orleans, the first time they hear it, they embrace it. They like, 'What the hell is that?'"  He goes onto add, ""Then you see how people react to it at a party, and you already hooked on it. You got the crowd so hype." 

Fresh explains that at it's core, Bounce is true hip hop, "Bounce Music would be the essence of Hip Hop... It's really just raw beats and response."  Much like the chop and screwed artists of Houston, Bounce artists are entrepreneurial, "Most [Bounce] artists will sell their own tape, their own merchandise, all of that."

[Via HHDX]