MadeinTYO Delivers Soothing Vibes On "Rainy Shibuya"

Madeintyo -  Rainy Shibuya

  June 26, 2018 11:27
Rainy Shibuya
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MadeinTYO flexes the melodic muscles with soothing instrumental "Rainy Shibuya."

The second of two instrumental drops, "Rainy Shibuya" showcases Tokyo's keen ear for melody, as he conjures up a soothing vibe reminiscent of the Zelda Ocarina Of Time soundtrack. Evocative of peaceful, idyllic landscapes, "Shibuya" is undeniably lovely, if a little brief; it's too bad MadeinTYO didn't dedicate a little bit more time to this one, as it might have been nice for those looking to pad the ambient playlists. Still, it's an interesting showcase at an underappreciated aspect of his toolkit. 

Perhaps the rapper will surprise us with a compilation of instrumental works, led off by this and its cousin "10pm In Yokosuka." Perhaps the drops are simply brief moments of artistic expression, meant to take as is. Either way, it's a welcome addition to the catalog. One has to wonder what direction MadeinTYO might take whenever he decides to put forth another project. 

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