Machine Gun Kelly is currently prepping his Black Flag mixtape, and although it's without a release date as of yet, he hasn't let that stop him from promoting it and hyping it up. The rapper spoke with HHS87 about the upcoming project, and explained why he chose the title, and spoke on a specific track, "Peso," featuring Meek Mill and Pusha T.

MGK explained the "Black Flag" title is his way of saying he will never back down-- the opposite of a white flag. "First off, 'Black Flag' is what we carry. That's not on no gang shit, it's just on some militant shit. It's the opposite of 'white flag,' we aren't surrendering , we about to take this motherfucker over, I have a militia of people with me."

He continued to explain one of the anticipated tracks off the project, "Peso," which he recently previewed live. "That one was on the MMG tour, I heard the beat on my bus and I ran over to Meek's bus. And I think we were just super high or something, I must have been  fucked up enough 'cause I went over there and I was just like 'stop what you're doing, stop what you're doing, plug this in.' Everyone was like 'what?' We plugged it in, the beat came on and I was like, 'yo, Meek what you think about this?'" MGK continued, "He started freestylin' to it. After we got off tour, I flew out to Philly, we just got in the studio and did it. Then Pusha hopped on the joint, and shit, 'Peso,' there you go."

We'll have to wait to hear the full thing, but the Bad Boy rapper did another live preview of "Peso," which you can check out along with the full interview below.