Ashanti, in her new position as an interviewer for Fuse TV, spoke to Lupe Fiasco about his album packaging for Food & Liquor 2. 

When asked about the all-black packaging for the LP, Lupe says it's due mostly to a Johnny Cash song. "One of the main reasons why I did all black, 'cause of a song called "Man In Black" written by the late great Johnny Cash," he continued,"Just listen to Johnny Cash's "Man In Black." And the reason he wore black was, he wore it for the prisoner who's long paid for his crime, so he's there 'cause he's a victim of the times," Lupe explains.

He continued, that since no albums are usually packaged this way, it makes it unique,"I wanted them to have something to cherish, like 'yo, this is kinda history right here, like I bought a piece of history.'" 

Watch the full interview below.