Rumors have been swirling lately that the Los Angeles Lakers will part ways with head coach Luke Walton at the end of the season. The team has struggled in the second half of the season thanks to injuries and chemistry issues. With a record of 33-42, the Lakers are 11th in the Western Conference and have no chance at making it to the playoffs. With all things considered, Walton doesn't have much of a case to make to Lakers brass when it comes to his team's performance. Regardless, it appears as though the former Laker is confident he'll be back next season.

"I fully expect to be coaching this team again next year," Walton told The Athletic.

The head coach expanded on that point saying that he doesn't pay attention to the rumors and that no one in the organization has hinted to him that he'll be leaving the team.

"I just view it as outside noise," Walton explained. "Unless someone from within our group is telling me that, I just view it like all the other things we've gone through as a team this year. Those are things that I don't have the time to worry about."

If Walton were to be fired, names like Tyronn Lue and Jason Kidd have been brought up as possible replacements.