Ahead of his new album Ludaversal, which drops on March 31st, Ludacris appears on Vibe's new digital cover. The interview covers both the new music and Luda's upcoming appearance in the film Furious 7.

Speaking to his rapper/actor status, Ludacris is quoted saying: “I will destroy your favorite rapper. There’s this stereotype that when individuals from music start acting, they forget about the music. Don’t get it twisted: I know what got me where I’m at today.”

Elsewhere, he explains the long gap between 2010's Battle Of The Sexes and the new project:

"I didn’t mean for it to be like this. I took a little time off because after seven consecutive albums you need to get inspired again to have some shit to write about. However, I didn’t mean for it to be five years—more like three. When we were shooting Furious 7, of course there was the untimely death of our friend Paul Walker. Production got shut down and everything got pushed back an entire year. In the end, everything ended up working out perfectly because I was able to get rid of some records and continue to record and make the greatest body of work possible."

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