In the first few days of 2017, photos of a possible Supreme and Louis Vuitton collaboration surfaced online. Some people were shocked to see a high fashion brand collaborating with a streetwear brand, even one as reputable as Supreme. Today, the men’s artistic director at Louis Vuitton, Kim Jones, spoke to WWD, confirming the existence of the collaboration and sharing its first official photo.

In addition confirming the collection, Jones shed light on what else will be included. He says there will be denim and camouflage jackets, three styles of handbags, including a backpack, a fanny pack and a messenger bag. The infamous box logo will appear on most pieces, with Louis Vuitton’s branding appearing in more subtle spaces. However, the embossed print white sweatshirt was nowhere to be found when WWD visited Louis Vuitton’s headquarters.

Supreme took things a step further by sharing a few photos of the collection to their Instagram, which you can see in the gallery above. There seems to be a sneaker on the way as well, although it wasn't mentioned in the interview with Jones.

The artistic director explained the collection is, “just forward-thinking. People don’t really expect those sorts of things and I think that’s what nice.” He continues to elaborate, saying, “I think it’s the modern thing to do. Everyone’s talking about it and no one’s doing it.”

The clothes will go on sale July 17 at select Louis Vuitton stores, but Jones also hinted that the two brands would likely create pop-up shops as well. Watch the runway show here.

[via WWD]