This past weekend, the Alliance of American Football had its first weekend of games and thanks to some big viral moments, the league had quite a few eyes on it. The new league is supposed to provide fans with some extra football after the NFL season has finished and the AAF hasn't disappointed so far. For Los Angeles Chargers general manager Tom Telesco, the new league is beneficial for NFL teams who are seeking out fresh talent.

"It's a great idea," Telesco said according to ESPN. "It has the potential to be a nice complement to the NFL. It's a great spot for a developmental league for players, but even aside from that -- coaches and front office, officiating, athletic trainers and video equipment people, public relations -- all of that, so I think it's a great place where people can develop in every department of football operations. Every department that touches a football team can get some real life experience."

Telesco also pointed out how the league is beneficial to players who want a crack at the NFL which is still the premiere league in American football.

"No. 1, you get a chance to go play football and get paid for it, so that's nice. No. 2, you get great coaching. And No. 3, you get a chance to put tape together so the NFL can evaluate you again," Telesco explained. "Most of these guys we've seen before, but it give them a chance to develop and learn, get better at their craft and get it on tape."

What do you think of the new league?