As the USC bribery scandal unfolds, the daughters of actress Lori Loughlin are taking preventative measures. With their mother facing potentially serious consequences over her involvement in allegedly bribing USC, Isabella and Olivia Loughlin have since decided to leave the school on their own volition. TMZ cites the reason for their decision as "bullying," with their departure being a preventative measure of sorts. The publication also claims the decision was done with the blessing of their parents, Lori and Mossimo Giannulli

Should the two young women indeed have returned, it's likely that they would have been the target of relentless bullying. It's a complex situation, as the girls were possibly left unaware of the shady behavior exhibited by their parents, who dropped $500 thousand dollars to falsely enroll their daughters in a "crew team."  

Apparently, Olivia is taking the news rather hard. As per TMZ's sources, she is "a mess, despondent and feeling like it's the end of the world." Perhaps she ought to take a break from the internet, as this too shall pass. All things considered, there seems to be a lesson to be learned. The idea of status is meaningless if it's achieved through duplicitous means.