Lonzo Ball is one of the biggest names in basketball right now thanks to the chatter devised by his father, LaVar. The Ball family are mainstays at this point when it comes to basketball culture and the youngest brother LaMelo is a rising star. LaMelo is set to play in the NBL this upcoming season and some believe he's good enough to be the first overall pick in the draft.

During an appearance on Josh Hart's "LightHarted Podcast," Lonzo spoke about his younger brother and what his expectations are for him. Ball had some high praise for his little brother and made a surprising revelation about LaMelo's talents.

“If you look at just talent-wise, he’s got the most talent by far. I mean, it’s not even close and plus the height he’s getting now. He just all of a sudden got to 6’6”, I don’t know how. I feel like he was 5’10” when I played with him, so, I mean, the ceiling’s up for him — sky’s the limit,” Ball said. “I’m just making sure he keeps his head on straight because, you know, in today’s world at 17 with however many followers he has, it can be a lot. I’m just making sure he stays focused and sticks to the grind.”

Based on Lonzo's comments, we have reason to believe LaMelo could be a certified star once he reaches the league. While this remains to be seen, it will be exciting to see how he develops playing professionally this season.