LL Cool J has announced he's working on a new album, and this comes at the same time he's announced a new recording software called My Connect Studio.

LL Cool J talked to the Boombox about the software, which gives artists the ability to record music from entirely different locations, in real time. LL says there's too much e-mailing back and forth.

"[Producers] e-mail me the track, I'm e-mailing vocals - they don't like something, I'm sending it back. We're going back and forth and doing this dance," he explained. "A lot of music is being created that way right now. What I wanted to do is be able to create music in real-time...you may get with a kid from London, you may get with a kid from Paris simply because you went on the site and visited the lobby and met somebody and went into a session and started creating. So this is the next level of music creation."

He went on to say he'd be recording portions of his new album using the software, "I'm going to be doing a little bit of the album on the studio, make sure that it is official," the MC said. "And as a matter of fact I started on my album too. It's authentic hip-hop, it's the business."