Now that multitudes of fans are gobbling up 2 Chainz’ new release Based on a T.R.U. Story, Lil Wayne, who features on the album’s first track “Yuck!”, expresses his regret for not bringing his A-game to his own freestyle. The Young Money rapper recently told MTV News that he’s “very upset” about sounding “wack as hell on there.”

As it’s out of Weezy’s hands, audiences are free to judge for themselves his appearance on the track, from 1:57 to 2:33, where it seems the only thing that rhymes with “yuck” is what everyone figured. Bare and explicit may be his bread and butter, but caught off guard, the artist is not pleased with how it came together.

No outright blame is pointed for the unfiltered inclusion of the solo, though it’s clear that Weezy was not in total control of the product. “He did not tell me that was gonna be the first song on his album. We was in the studio and he was like man, I just did that. I was in there just messing around… Please don’t judge me from that. My bar game is way higher than that, man.”