Lil Pump's project Harverd Dropout was finally released last Friday after several pushbacks throughout 2019. In fact, it was pushed back so many times, it was hard to believe Pump whenever he'd announce a release date. However, the project officially dropped last week and it's looking like it's about to make a major debut on the Billboard 200.

Earlier today, news surfaced that the rapper would be delivering the 2019 Harvard University commencement speech. While the announcement was made by his label, Harvard has stepped forward to reveal that Pump won't be replacing the previously announced commencement speaker, Angela Merkel.

Speaking to The Hill, Harvard confirmed that German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be delivering the commencement speech as previously announced. "As previously announced, Angela Merkel will be Harvard’s Commencement 2019 speaker," the university said. Harvard also didn't immediately clarify whether Lil Pump will actually speak at the ceremony or not.

The announcement that he'd be delivering a speech at Harvard was made by his label, Warner Bros. who claimed Pump would be making history as the "youngest commencement speaker in history."

"You don't gotta graduate from Harvard to do this speech," Pump said in a statement. "I dropped out, so they called me like they called the guy that made Windows and PCs and shit before I was born. You just need a cap and gown, which I got. When I found out, I was happy to give everyone a lesson. I'm all about the youth. Yes, they are the future. This is a preview of my speech, one word: ESSKEETIT!!!!!!"