Lil Lonnie - Change Up Feat. Bryson Tiller

  May 06, 2016 13:54
Change Up
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Lil Lonnie nabs a feature from Bryson Tiller on "Change Up."

Today we're introducing you to Mississippi native Lil Lonnie, by way of his new collaboration with Bryson Tiller. We don't know much about Lonnie, but the 20-year old is obviously doing something right if he's able to nab a feature from Tiller. The crooner on his way to super-stardom supplies the hook for Lonnie's "Change Up," which'll live on Lonnie's forthcoming project They Know What’s Going On 2.

Lonnie shared some insight on the record with Billboard, saying, "The song is about people changing for the fame but we’re not changing. You know when somebody gets a little bit of money that they didn’t have before then they start acting differently? No matter now much money or fame I get, it won’t change the person that I am."

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Quotable Lyrics

It was hard comin' up
But I had to stay down
Stay motivated when times get tough
I'm too deep in it to quit right now



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