Just under a month ago, we got the tragic news that Lil Durk's longtime manager, OTF Chino, had been killed in a shooting in Chicago. Durk hasn't spoken about Chino's passing until today, when he said a few words to XXL about his late manager's passing, and explained how he'll continue on after this.

"[Chino will] be involved in everything,” Durk said, talking about his upcoming album Remember My Name, “[Chino] and my manager D Thang, they really put everything together. They formatted everything. I would just give them the names and they would format everything. We just keep our heads up and keep going through the music, because if we stop then we’re messing everything up. We gotta keep going.”

“If we stop, we’ll give everybody what they want,” he continued, “We just gotta tear up in the room by ourselves and go out the room and be happy.”