In professional sports, teams in any league are always looking for that (legal) x-factor that will give them a competitive edge over an opponent. For the Boston Celtics, who currently sit atop the NBA's overall standings, their difference maker may have been ... Lil B?

If the rapper's Twitter account is to be believed, then yes. B shared his thoughts on the matter with his followers earlier this morning, outlining how the blessings he sent out to the team prior to the regular season tipping off in October has at least in part given them the boost they needed through the first quarter of their 82-game schedule.

Of course, your mileage may vary with this particular statement, but there's no denying that he actually said this. Way back in September in fact. Check it out below.

As they usually do, Lil B's social media fans turned up to express their state of awe at his excellent taste in professional basketball team to support. It was a bold prediction at the time, especially to go against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, but nearly four month later and the rapper's preseason prediction has come up roses. Peep some of the Twitter reaction below.

European soccer franchise FC Bayern Munich also got into the act, inquiring whether or not Lil B had any blessings left to possibly aid them this upcoming weekend for an important match. As far as Lil B and his blessings go, ask and you shall receive.