One does not simply fire off indiscriminate shots at Lil B. You'd think that people would have learned as much as the BasedGod put a curse on James Harden. And yet, the man known as Black Ken has recently found himself the target of some Twitter disrespect. This time, it stemmed from former House and current Shooter actor Omar Epps.

It started when Epps was commenting on a boxing match, which led this comment:

However, BasedGod is never one for the cheap shots. He quickly replied, calling Epps' acting ability into question.

The exchange led to the legions of Lil B followers to leaping to their Based Lord's defense, filling Epps' timeline with disrespect. Next time, maybe Omar Epps will think twice about dragging Lil B's name through the mud. Still, Epps seems unperturbed by any talk of curses.