Jacksonville Jaguars star Leonard Fournette got into a heated exchange with a heckler in Tennessee on Thursday night, threatening to whoop the fan's ass in front of everyone.

According to multiple reports, Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone said he spoke with Fournette about the incident after Monday's walk-through, and the 23-year old running back explained that the fan had shouted racial slurs.

As seen in the video embedded below, Fournette challenged the fan to come down on the field before team personnel intervened. 

"Facts, you're too old for that," Fournette told the heckler during the Jaguars’ 30-9 loss in Tennessee. "You're too old for that. Chill out. I'm not worried about you. You want to come down here?? I'll whoop your ass."

Jags running back TJ Yeldon also backed up Fournette's story.

"Did I hear it? Yeah," Yeldon said, per ESPN. "All the running backs and people on the offensive side were hearing the exchange. They were heckling at us all game, at him and all of us all game.

"All night. All night. All day they was calling us racial slurs, all game."

After reaching the AFC Championship game last season, the Jags are now sitting in last place in the AFC South with a 4-9 record. They'll host the Washington Redskins in Week 15, followed by road games against the Miami Dolphins and Houston Texans.