LeBron James has an idea for how the NBA can improve upon the All-Star Draft next year, and it includes picking players the day before the actual game.

The Cavs' All-Star forward made an appearance on Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye's "Road Trippin" podcast this week and he pitched the idea that all of the All-Stars line up at half court at practice on All-Star Saturday and the teams are chosen right then and there.

LeBron was one of the many NBA All-Stars who wished the league televised the All-Star Draft this season, but he still will not reveal the order of how things played out.  

Do you really think the new format will make the game more competitive?

LeBron: “We don’t know. But what I do think is they missed on an opportunity to televise it.”

So can you give the order to us now?

LeBron: “No. It ain’t ready yet. The people ain’t ready for it… I think, personally, if we really wanted to do it like the park, we should have all showed up, All-Star Saturday, at practice and then picked.

“Everybody stand at halfcourt, and take your team. And that’s how we play.”

Whether the draft takes place weeks before the All-Star game, or 24 hours before tipoff, the NBA needs to televise this thing next season.