A cryptic tweet LeBron James sent out in January has turned out to be not that cryptic after all. "Sometimes I gotta just make sure that i didn't lose you. Did I?!?! Did I?!?! Did I Lose You," wrote the NBA star, which many took to be some kind of multi-layered sub-tweet at the time. However, with the release of Drake's More Life project, it's now clear that James was listening to Drizzy's "Lose You" a few months in advance of the release.


There's no way of knowing exactly what was going on at the time, but seeing that the tweet was sent at 2:58AM, we can assume Bron was either having a great time or getting into his feelings with some unreleased Drake material.

LeBron isn't the only athlete feeling More Life. Manchester United's Jesse Lingard took inspiration from the Travis Scott and Quavo-assisted "Portland" during a recent game.