LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers suffered a good ole fashioned ass whooping at the hands of the Warriors last night in Oakland, but LeBron still found time to taunt some court side fans who were jawing at him during the blowout.

Inside The NBA mic'd up a few players last night including Draymond Green and during their video recap of his night on the court, LeBron can be seen looking at a fan on the sidelines and referencing his three fingers as a nod to all of his championship rings.

LeBron insists the Cavs and Warriors aren't a rivalry, but if this matchup isn't then there just aren't any rivalries in basketball right now. Draymond Green begs to differ.

Per CBS Sports:

"I don't have much love for the Cleveland Cavaliers at all, nor do I think they have much love for us," Green said in an interview that aired on TNT during the second quarter. "And that's what makes it fun to play against each other. That's the true meaning of building a rivalry, which I think this has become a rivalry. And I think they'll say the same thing, and if they don't, they're blowing smoke and they're lying."

You can check out Draymond's full "Mic'd Up" video below or skip to the bottom for a quick vine of LeBron's "3 Rings" gesture.