LeBron James' 12-year old son, LeBron James Jr, recently teamed up with Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside at the Miami Pro-Am and it looks like the kid more than held his own.

Of course, Bronny has probably seen tougher defense in his AAU games than he did during his run at the Miami Pro-Am, but we're not going to take that away from some of his pinpoint alley-oop lobs.

LeBron also made his return to South Beach this past weekend but it doesn't look like he took part in any of the pickup games. He was too busy behind the dj booth getting the crowd to sing along to the Village People's "YMCA."

LeBron has expressed interest in getting in on some of the Summer League action out in Los Angeles the next time he's back at his LA home, so maybe we'll see him team up with his son before the Cavs report to training camp next month.

Check out some of LeBron James Jr's highlights below, as well as footage of LeBron in the dj booth.