LeBron James and various other players throughout the NBA have been looking for ways to spend their free time while in the bubble. Of course, without their families around, the entire bubble experience has been quite difficult, especially when you consider how the players aren't even able to leave the campus. Despite this, the four teams remaining have figured out how to cope with it all and spend the time in an efficient manner.

LeBron himself has certainly figured this whole thing out as he recently took to his Instagram story with a behind the scenes look at how he spends his nights. In the clip below, you can see that he typically just drinks some wine while playing a few quick games of Madden.

The Lakers superstar and his teammates have been hosting Madden tournaments throughout their time in the bubble so this latest IG story shouldn't be that much of a surprise. Regardless, it's cool to see these players giving us an exclusive look at what's going on inside the Orlando campus.

When this season is all over, many of us will reflect on how it all went down and how we got to witness an incredible piece of history.