Andrew Bogut made his Cavs debut last night and after just 58 seconds on the court his season was over.

The veteran big man suffered a broken leg during the second quarter of last night's game against Miami, less than a minute after he took the floor, and LeBron James heard it all.

"I heard it break," LeBron told reporters. "As soon as the collision happened, I heard it break. And when I went over to him and he said it, I already knew. I heard it crack."

Kyrie Irving added,

"It kind of took the wind out of our sails a little bit, because I think he knew right away. We're just hoping that he gets better. It's just terrible, man."

X-rays later revealed that Bogut suffered a broken left tibia but he'll still be receiving nearly $400,000 from the contract he signed with Cleveland a few days ago. 

Just saying, I'd take a broken leg for $400K.