LeBron James is the biggest star in the NBA and when it comes to social media, he certainly plays the part. The Lakers superstar can consistently be seen on his Instagram story cracking jokes and lauding over his sacred family tradition of Taco Tuesday. Yesterday, LeBron got into his beauty bag for a second as he donned a wig and started telling his fans that he had grown his hair out. Clearly, LeBron was joking around here but he seemed pretty convinced of his own madness.

Throughout the video, James is playing around with his daughter, saying eventually he's going to have braids just like her. James is definitely playing the embarrassing dad role here and he does it quite well. It must be interesting being a fly on the wall in LeBron's household as he turns on that forward-facing camera and starts doing his thing.


Once the video was picked up on Twitter, fans immediately took notice and started sounding off on LeBron's antics. Many were amused by LeBron's new hairstyle while others delivered some irrational hate. LeBron is a polarizing player and whenever he does something, people have an opinion to share on it.

Having said that, check out some of the best reactions below and let us know what you think of LeBron's new look.