LeBron James was having himself a game last night as the Los Angeles Lakers took on the Minnesota Timberwolves at the Staples Center. The Lakers ended up winning yet another game in convincing fashion as they improved their record to 21-3 and firmly hold first place in the Western Conference. While James had himself yet another huge game, there were times he struggled on Sunday night, especially when it came to foul trouble. 

With four minutes to go in the second quarter, LeBron already had three fouls to his name which meant he was at risk of fouling out of the game altogether. Head coach Frank Vogel took LeBron out of the game which led to a hearty swear from James as he went back to the bench. A woman in the stands heard LeBron's outburst and promptly told him to "watch [his] mouth."

The clip eventually made its way to social media and had a bit of virality to it. Seeing the woman get so amped up about LeBron's choice of words was pretty hilarious and gave you the sense that he was some kid being lectured by his mom. Those in the vicinity of the woman seemed to find the whole thing quite amusing as there were laughs all around.

As for LeBron, we're sure he'll be choosing his word much more carefully the next time around.